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How we help you in Developing your E-commerce Website

Benchwork Technologies feels proud in developing a Scalable Solution for E-commerce industry

Engineering Team at Benchwork Technologies developed a Customised and ready to plug-in Solution for E-commerce Owners.
We have developed our Technology stack in MERN(Mongo DB, Express, ReactJs, Nodejs). Our customizable solution helps in the development of a Scalable  E-commerce  website with all the required features.
You can view one of our used solution here

Features of E-commerce

All required features have been taken care by the Benchwork's Engineers.

We have developed the following features for users like View All Collections, View all Products, View Detailed Products, Login/Signup using Mobile Authentication, Add to Cart, Checkout functionality, Cancel and return orders, track shipment, etc.
For Admin and Vendors, we have allowed all permission based features like add Collections, add products, view and manage orders, view and manage transactions, view and manage users, etc.
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