What is MEAN Stack and Why is it popular in Web Development Community?


My Name is Yateesh Bhardwaj, I am the founder of Benchwork Technologies, a Website Development and Mobile Apps Development Enterprise in Noida, India.

We have been developing and handling websites and complex backends for our clients in MEAN and MERN stack. Before I will explain to you how it is revolutionizing the backend, we will start understanding the meaning of MEAN and MERN.

Let us understand what does MEAN stands for?

MEAN is an abbreviation where each alphabet stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Nodejs respectively.

MongoDB– MongoDB is a NoSQL database. It uses JSON-like documents with Schema.

Express– Express is a Nodejs web application framework.

Angular– Angular is an open-source Javascript-based front-end framework developed and maintained by Google.

Node.js- Nodejs is a open-source Javascript runtime environment that executes Javascript out of browser.

This whole bundle runs and executes Javascript and helps in making intensive web applications that are fast and helps in reducing the code of the application. You can checkout our MEAN stack project here

Features and Reasons for its Popularity

  1. Easy Development

MEAN stack is one of the most popular and demanding technology in Web Development Industry as it is helping developers in developing in high data-intensive applications within a short period of time.

2. Employability

More and more employers are in need of engineers familiar with MEAN Stack and other JavaScript-based technologies.

Since the stack is using only one language i.e, Javascript which is used in wide range of web applications.

4. Cost Saving
A single developer having expertise in Javascript is enough capable of building the web app so it reduces the cost of the business owner in hiring multiple resources of various domains and expertise.

5. Scalability

Applications developed using MEAN and MERN stack are scalable at any scale and at any point of time. That’s why startups choose this stack to start with. It helps in reducing their Development time and eventually increase the chances of experimenting with their Products.

Our Team consists of experienced MEAN Stack developers who have been developing websites, mobile apps and thier backends for for our clients and internal purposes as well. You can checkout our Portfolio here.

You can write to us for any information or query at contact@benchwork.in