What is a Serverless Architecture- Is it really Serverless?

In traditional Software environments, a developer has to handle the server infrastructure on their own and it is really a cumbersome process for them. Today, when software is eating the world, Scalability and performance are required with the cost reduction technologies for Startups and Enterprises to handle their IT infrastructure. Serverless Architecture is the right solution for such issues.

At Benchwork Technologies, we always recommend our Clients for a serverless approach as it reduces costs and it also helps developers to focus on the logic part rather than wasting their time and energies on handling servers and their maintenance.

What Actually a Serverless Architecture is?

Serverless Architecture is not actually serverless in nature. In reality, third-party cloud providers handle your servers and you don’t need to worry about managing the infrastructure, scalability, and security. These all requirements are handle by Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Services like AWS LamdaGoogle FirebaseMicrosoft Azure Functions are most famous amongst the Companies and developer communities for their Serverless architectures. They Provide Function as a service that only works when the event is triggered. Let us understand with an example, Suppose you have written a code for user Authentication(Signup/Login) on AWS Lamda. Now whenever a user will hit the API Gateway, then AWS Lamda will be triggered which in return will execute your Logic part for the User Authentication. You have to only pay when the Lamda is triggered not like monolithic traditional server architecture where you are paying for capacity.

Advantages of the Serverless Architecture

  1. No Server Management- It simply means that you don’t need to worry about Instances or any operating system. Simply deploy code and forget about infrastructure.
  2. Auto-Scaling- Serverless services like AWS Lamda auto-scales from few requests per day to a thousand requests per second.
  3. Pay Per Usage- These services are charged as per the usage, not for the capacity you have acquired. It helps in saving your costs up to 80-90%.
  4. High Performance- Since all services are running individually as FaaS then reduces the execution time and increases the overall performance.
  5. No Language Barrier- You really don’t need to care about any new programming languages for deploying your code on any serverless services. You can simply choose the language you love like Nodejs, Java, Python, Rust, etc.

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