Vision Boards Mobile Apps Business Idea, Revenue Models, Development Time and Cost Analysis

Most Indians are not even aware of the term “Vision Boards”. Since we have developed Vision Board mobile apps for a US-based client so I will inform you about everything from Scratch.

My name is Yateesh Bhardwaj, founder of Benchwork Technologies. I have been developing products for my clients for the last 4 years and have developed various Mobile apps and Web apps (Hybrid and Native) for them. So now let’s dive into the details of Vision Boards.

What are Vision Boards??

Vision Boards or Dream Boards are a collection of Images/Texts(Motivations and Inspirational content) that brings more focus on what you want in your life. Vision Boards works based on the Law of Attraction. Traditionally, people used physical Boards for making vision boards but with the advancement of technology, people are using mobile apps for digital vision boards, and it’s accessible anytime and anywhere. It is the most practical solution for the users to focus on these vision boards.

Business Idea

As an Entrepreneur, you can develop a website or a mobile app for the users where they can simply register and use it for their purpose of achieving their dreams using the law of Attraction. The difference which you can create should be in terms of User Experience as the market is Competitive but has the potential for every fish to survive. Major markets are in the west so you should develop it according to the ideology and behavior of the users.

The best part of this business is that you don’t need a very big operations team to run this business. Even you alone can run it if you will outsource your development and marketing part.

Revenue Model

The only revenue model which can suit this idea is App Subscriptions. You can provide users monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions with different packages like gifs, images, sounds, etc. But make sure that your prices should be enough affordable for the users otherwise they will jump to a new option which will be a loss for your business.

Subscriptions can be provided with the help of Apple and Google In-app purchases so you don’t need to worry about payment gateways and all. But yes you should keep in mind that Google and apple charge around 30% of your revenue.

Product Development Team and Timeline

As I have already informed you that this business solely depends on the designs and user experience of the app. Otherwise, you will start losing your customers day by day. You need the following team members for the development of this product:-

  1. Graphic Designer:– An experienced graphic designer who has previously developed the Vision Board screens and have some know-how of the business.
  2. Android Developer- You need 1 Android developer having a minimum experience of 2 years who can integrate lot of third party API’s which will be required in the App.
  3. IOS Developer:- One experienced IOS developer is required to develop the same App with expertise in SWIFT.
  4. Project Manager- Though this is not mandatory to have a Project Manager in this product as you can directly handle the team but yes if you think that you can focus on other things then you need a PM to handle this project.

This team is required when you want to plan your business with your own development team but I think the best option is to outsource this project to an experienced team like ours who have developed the same product for our Client based in the US. You can contact us anytime at

Development Time for this product will be around 45-60 days including graphic designing work.

Development Cost

Now comes the most important part where the discussion will end and you can decide whether to go with this business idea or not. US developers charge around $ 50-75 per hour while Indian developers charge between $15-25 per hour. But when you will outsource this project to a Company like ours then we will charge approx. INR 6,50,000* for the whole development.


No doubt this business idea has a lot of potential in the market and is more profitable than expected. But it’s your decision to go ahead or not. For more information on such business ideas, feel free to reach out to us at or Whatsapp us at +91-7988306833.